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Veterans and Medicare: Can You Have VA Benefits and Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, is a full replacement for Original Medicare. Often you get additional benefits, such as discounts on health memberships, vision care, or dental coverage.

Does the VA Bill Medicare Advantage Plans?

It does not. Instead, you use the plan that applies to the medical provider you see.

If you are eligible for Medicare, you can sign up for Medicare Advantage, even if you have VA benefits.  As we’ve noted, VA benefits only apply at a VA health center.

Medicare Advantage can be used anywhere within the plan’s medical network.

Keep in mind that, unlike Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage plan will have a limited network of providers, generally within a single geographical area.

Make sure your non-VA doctors are part of the network and that the plan covers the prescriptions you need.

2024 Information:

While signs point to a lower Social Security COLA next year, the Medicare Part B premium may be higher. The estimate for 2024 is $174.80, according to the Medicare trustees report released last month.CMS has released the following 2024 parameters for the defined standard Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit:

  • Deductible: $545 (up from $505 in 2023);
  • Initial coverage limit: $5,030 (up from $4,660 in 2023);
  • Out-of-pocket threshold: $8,000 (up from $7,400 in 2023);
  • Total covered Part D spending at the out-of-pocket expense threshold for beneficiaries who are not eligible for the coverage gap discount program: $11,477.39 (up from $10,516.25 in 2023); and
  • Estimated total covered Part D spending at the out-of-pocket expense threshold for beneficiaries who are eligible for the coverage gap discount program: $12,447.11 (up from $11,206.28 in 2023).