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    Solve the Medicare Puzzle

    Solve the Medicare puzzle with MIT

    ABCD, F G PARTS AND PLANS, DRUGS, COPAYS, COINSURANCE (What in the world) are they talking about?

    To most people,  Medicare looks and feels like a PUZZLE.

    Let the experts at MIT walk you through the puzzle

    We always put our client’s needs at the forefront.

    Our clients call us….NOT an 800 # that asked them to press 1 for English. We already speak English.

    With over 95 years of experience, we’ve acquired the knowledge to assist with any situation or questions you might have.

    We take time with our members. We don’t think of YOU as a number.

    You’re our friends and family.

    Medicare Insurance Techs
    Medicare Insurance Techs
    Save Time & Money

    We’ll help you stay one step ahead of an ever-changing marketplace, keeping your experience hassle-free and answering questions along the way. Our experts will help you find the best coverage plans to keep you and your family secure and save you money.

    Protect your family

    We take pride in helping you make the right choices to keep you and your family’s future safe and healthy, giving you peace of mind so you can go back to enjoying life with the people you love most

    Medicare Insurance Techs
    Medicare Insurance Techs

    Medicare Insurance Techs is here for you.

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    “I have experienced the exposure of a blessed man, named Ron Kaemmerer, who guided my Son and myself on the right path to get the BENEFITS... " Deborah Taylor
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    "Thanks for helping mom with Medicare. We really appreciate it" Laura Huff
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get a question? We are here to answer! If you don’t see your question here please contact us
    What is the age requirement for Medicare? 65 years old- you can apply 90 days before the month you turn 65. Or if you are under 65 and on disability. Medicare is available to you as well
    Where can I register for Medicare? Online at or directly at your Social Security Administration
    Can I keep all my doctors if I take Medicare? Normally yes.
    Can my dependant spouse be included in my medicare? Medicare is for individuals, not spouses or dependants- however, if your spouse reaches the eligible age, they can enroll in Medicare 90 days before the month they turn 65.
    What are the 3 requirements for medicare? Be age 65 or older; be a U.S. Resident and either a U.S. Citizen or an alien who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence and has been residing in the U.S. For 5 continuous years prior to the month of filing an application for Medicare
    Is it a good idea to get Medicare if you are still working Many people sign up for Medicare Part A at 65, even if they're working for a large employee, if it's premium free.
    How to avoid the Donut Hole 1) Extra Help a 'Federal Program' can help Americans on Medicare with eligible income call 1 800 596-4763 to check qualifications 2) Use generic drugs & use Mail Order 3) Contact drug manufacturers for discounts
    We're here to answer your questions about Medicare! Please call today at .....